Liwang Electric Technology Co., Ltd. of Qingzhou City, Shandong Province (Liwang Rubber Co., Ltd. of Qingzhou City) is a plant, which specialized in the production of synthetic insulators, surge arresters and organic externally insulated electrical equipments. Our products have all passed through the examination of CHINA NATIONAL CENTRE FOR QUALITY SUPERVISION AND TEST OF INSULATORS AND SURGE ARRESTERS by Mechanical Ministry. All the performance index of our products is up to or exceeds standard and requirement issued by the Nation and Department. Our products have passed technology and product appraisal of two-ministries and have passed through The State Power Grid Corporation SYNTHETIC INSULATOR NECESSORY CONDITIONG CHECKING. The products are recommended for the improvement of urban and rural electrified wire netting (SEM Power No.367 [2000]) by China Economic and Commercial Committee.
      With fixed assets of 36,000,000 RMB, 368 employees including 96 technicians and domestic advanced closed workshops, we have imported advanced equipments, such as large-sized filling machine from Italy, Fenbao Brand press welder from Finland and so on.
      We, from beginning to end, persist in our guiding principle ¨CTechnology as Forerunner, Quality as Our Life and Prestige for Further Development. So the quality of our products is under strict control in order to ensure the safe operation of the electrified wire netting. We will try our best to meet the demands of the customers. Now a complete system of research, development, sale and service has come into being in our company. We have already passed the Certification of ISO9001 Quality System. At present, we mainly produce 70KN-530KN High Voltage Circuit Composite Organic Composite High Intensity Anti-pollution Type Ceramic Cap and Pin Insulator (be called Ceramic Composite Pin Insulator), 110KV-500KV Ceramic Center Composite Post Insulator, 10-220KV Silicon Rubber Compound Insulator, 6-220KV Synthetic Insulation Metal Oxide Surge Arresters, 35KV High Voltage Wall Bushing, High Voltage Separating switching, Fall-off Fuse, Current-limiting Fuse, Synthetic Insulation Low Voltage Distribution Products, etc. The product has realized the variety and seriation.
      We will try our best to give best products and service to you. All domestic and foreign friends are welcome for business talks£¡